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About us

We started StayLance in 2016 as a global community of people looking to share their talents and life journey with others.

StayLancers are collaborative and caring people who are not only looking out for themselves, but rather building a relationship of mutual sharing where both sides benefit and learn from one another.

At StayLance, we want to break down the barriers, share cultures and traditions, and enable diversity by bringing people together. So we made it our mission to create an exchange portal, a bridge between talented individuals who are traveling the world and hosts who need their talents and value their friendship in exchange for a place to stay.

We Are… the Working Professionals
For those underwhelmed by their day jobs and are searching for an adventure alongside the work.

We Are… the Hippies
Those who live unconventional lives and travel around the world.

We Are… the Entrepreneurs
The business owners wanting to create an international impact, alongside their exploration of the world.

We Are… You!

Everyone you meet has something to teach you
Roger Masterson